International Tax

Non-Resident Income Tax Filing and Compliance

Our firm provides a vast array of international tax services to meet our client's needs. Non-residents investing in the U.S. and/or conducting business in the U.S. are subject to complex reporting requirements. If these reporting requirements and tax filings are not met on a timelty basis, the penalties are severe. We are here to make sure non-residents comply with the I.R.S. reporting requirements so they may continue to conduct business in the U.S. worry free.

ITIN Services

Non-Residents investing or conducting business in the U.S. may be required to obtain an Individual Taxpayer Indentification Number (I.T.I.N.). Our firm can facilitate the process of obtaining an I.T.I.N. As a Certified Acceptance Agent, David can also certify passports. A certified copy of the individual's passport is required in order to apply for an I.T.I.N. This service alleviates the hassle of the individual having to visit the original issuing agency or embassy in the U.S. to obtain the certified copy.


Non-Residents at times are subject to federal income tax withholding upon the disposition/sale of a business of investment in the U.S. known as FIRPTA. The tax required to be submitted at the time of sale can be quite large and difficult to get back once submitted. Our firm can help reduce and at times even eliminate the withholding requirement. Please contact David for more information.